Wednesday, June 13, 2012

...... Life Note ......

I could describe it as a daily wish. Possibly even a prayer if I stretched the hand that held my pen high enough that I may get a little inspiration. 
But it’s really more of a craving. 
This insatiable hunger that I just can’t shake. 
It rattles me until I am dizzy and I think too much and I cannot think anymore so I just go to sleep instead. 
But if this desire was easily attainable, 
would I think it a blessing?
I am already cursed. 

If I could just place some sense in my words, 
if they could flow from page to page and
stick to minds and bind to hearts 
I could make tears dry and souls catch fire and 
lover’s eyes lock, 
would I have done my job?

If I could only stop feeling so fast. 
Maybe my words would come out with more eloquence
More reliability 
More talent
More energy
but then, 
What else would I have to wish for?

Can anybody hear me out there?

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